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Introduction to the Protocoles Méta and the Congrès Singuliers

Since 2003, the “protocoles méta” have been offering experimentation sessions and “congrès singuliers” that link up diverse disciplines and allow different audiences to intersect. These conferences have taken place in artistic as well as extra-artistic spaces in different cities : Blois, Paris, Roubaix, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Rabat, Cavaillon, Avignon, etc.

“Protocoles-méta” is a mobile, infiltrating, and progressively evolving experimentation project, whose aim is to explore modes of behavior and action in ways that go beyond conventional approaches to exhibitions, performances, and entertainment.

The project itself functions in an experimental mode that is always evolving depending on the situation. Every session (with or without a theme) brings into play the trinomial of encounter – indeterminacy – improvisation. We thus proceed by successive experiments, constantly concerned with sharing our ideas and practices.

These are “situated protocols,” whose terms and modes can always be questioned and, if necessary, reenacted in a different way. It is a subtractive approach.

Since 2006 we have been regularly questioning the relationships between artistic, social, and political experimentation, and the misunderstandings (or misadventures) that crop up between them.

We maintain a necessary critical distance in relation to each event. We are not concerned with “creating a work” in the conventional sense of the term, but with collectively “living” the situation as we bring our methods to bear and feel our way forward, one experiment at a time.

We envisage this “congrès singulier” as a construction following a somewhat inverted plan, where the lines keep moving, time is malleable, the participants heterogeneous, and the experiment one of deproduction.

Translate by Millaly Hyatt

26 mars 2009

Introduction (PDF - 61.1 ko) A Glossary (PDF - 86 ko) Twelve meta protocols (PDF - 60.4 ko)
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